Alt. History 101

AltHistoryThe future is history… From the creator of the #1 bestselling Future Chronicles anthology series comes a collection that turns the world you know upside down.

In Alt.History 101, thirteen top speculative fiction authors re-imagine the world – as one where the inventor of the smallpox vaccine died before he’d created it, as one where the women’s suffragist movement failed to win the right to vote, as one where the death penalty exists but where all forms of capital punishment are ruled inhumane – and ten other compelling stories charting the histories of these worlds.

Enter worlds so much like our own, yet so different – where everything you know… is history.

Includes Concerns of the Second Sex by P.K Tyler,

“What if the women’s suffragist movement lost their battle for the right to vote? Women never entered the workforce during the World Wars, creating a class of immigrant workers lacking the rights insisted on by the unionizing and anti-child labor movements. Years later, civil rights are a luxury afforded only to the elite free white male ruling class.”

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