Dear Men,

Many of you are feeling insecure these days.  The elections has brought out a lot of insecurities and worries, and even some concerns about what it is to be a man.  I want to reassure you that you are still needed and still loved.

In fact, despite being a raging feminist (I believe the MRA refers to women like me as “hairy vag-es”) I like men who can fix things. In fact, just now, I was switching the laundry and the SEXIEST thing happened.  My husband and changed the direction the dryer door opens.  It’s life changing, and I’m a little worked up now, I gotta admit.  I love that he can chop wood and fix cars and get all man sweat smelly.  I love that he opens doors for me and that even though we only have one bank account, when we go out, he always pays.  Yep.  I admit it.  I like my man a little traditional.

Of course he also paints his toenails and cries at Hugh Grant movies (yes still).

See the thing is, both are sexy and both are manly, or girly, or whatever.

This is my relationship with my partner the way we want it.  That doesn’t mean your relationship has to be the same way. If someone else likes men who are more metro and has the ability to wear more than blue, gray and khaki like my husband–awesome, rock it. Because those men are needed and loved.

Oh and women who fix cars (hot as SHIT first of all) can still want to wear pretty dresses and be pampered.  We’re all a little bit of everything, and finding where you fit in is great and finding a partner who loves you for all your inconsistent parts is heaven.  So if you’re a real manly man and you’re feeling like there isn’t a place for you, I promise, it’s not true.  We love you.  We need you.  We just don’t want to listen to you be an asshole.


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