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Please welcome authors SM Blooding and PK Tyler, to a very special double author interview! This interview series features authors from the Dominion Rising boxset, which is independently managed by PK Tyler and Gwynn White.

You read that right…I’m co-writing a book, co-managing the project, and interviewing my author partner and myself for this interview. My PA might think I’m a little nuts, but I always remind her there’s a reason we work well together!

You probably know a bit about me, and can find out everything, or sign up for my newsletter while you’re reading this interview. The Jakkattu Vector is my first full-length science fiction novel, with the second in the series due out this November! SM Blooding is

Let’s get started with three questions for my author buddy, SM Blooding!

PK Tyler: Angel Whisperers, demon summoners, witches and lots of mayhem are your thing. Where would you place your author-self on the sci-fi/fantasy spectrum? Are you more about the hard science or the unexplained? For our readers, where is Mind Raider on this spectrum, and is something sci-fi or fantasy fans will enjoy – or both?

SM Blooding: I enjoy the harder science. I am a science geek! I won’t claim that I’m a complete science geek because I don’t live and breathe it, but I do enjoy it when I have some down time. My favorite subjects are in physics, though, microbiology is wicked cool, and astronomy? Blessed Mother. Astronomy is amazing!

The magick in Whiskey Witches is based off of the craft I follow. It is “Hollywooded” up so that it’s interesting. I’m not going to lie. I can’t call a flame to a candle without a match. But my plants grow fast and full and I believe it has something to do with my craft. Hey. It’s my belief. I’ll keep it. It seems to be working. It also helps that my husband remembers to water them. *head shaking shrug*

Mind Raider is a bit more on the harder science side. I won’t profess to be all-knowing about it. I read the articles and the theorems. I understand about half of what I read and then my mind just explodes with ideas. My husband helps us with the mechanical science of the ships and stuff. He’s a mechanic by trade and a science geek at heart. So, I’m sure there are a few things that will make the truer science folks leap out of their chairs and yell and scream at us, but we had fun. I’m really hoping that a lot of the readers will pick up on the fun nuggets we left in there. I’ve been researching this stuff since I was a kid.

PK Tyler: Dominion Rising is an independent box set with 25 amazing authors taking part. What made you decide that Dominion Rising was a good fit for you? Moreover, what in the world made you decide to take on a joint novel with me?

SM Blooding: You said I could write and you would edit! I was sold! I love-love-love creating and writing books. I love world-building, creating characters, outlining the plot! I love all of that. However, I don’t enjoy editing. It’s like watching paint dry with teething children screaming around me. I mean, I’ll do it. But bring the wine, baby, because I’m gonna need it!

Dominion Rising was just a really lucky break for me. I said, “I love to write,” and you said, “I love to edit, and then I said laughingly, “We should write a book together.” And the next thing I knew, we’re in this amazing boxset and I’m getting a crash course on EVERYTHING I thought I knew and just didn’t. I just feel incredibly lucky that we decided to write this story—which is amazing—and that I had the chance to be a part of this boxset. I don’t think I would have made it on my own. I’m a small lister on my own, but I’m rising through the ranks! Yes, I am! Working my butt off and making this dream of writing full-time a real thing!

PK Tyler: Now for the fun part! Tell our readers about something fun, or wacky that’s happened while we’ve been writing together…the good the bad and the ugly of working with me!

SM Blooding: Well, I think the craziest part of our writing journey has been the learning curve. You and I are such strong authors—maybe not bestselling yet, but we’re both strong authors, and we’ve been doing this a really long time! I remember supporting one of the first books you launched. I posted a review of it on my review blog a long, long time ago and shared it with my…10 followers? Do you remember that? I was so small potatoes at the time! (because I’m big potatoes now?)

PK Tyler: I do remember that!  I think it was Shadow on the Wall or Two Moons of Sera!

SM Blooding: But the coolest part is how this idea has exploded! This universe was created, originally, so that my husband and I could write one novel. LOL! Just one. And now you and I are writing a trilogy, my husband and I are writing a series, and there are several short stories that are sprouting from all of it, along with other series that are just kind of off-shooting from it. We have a three-author universe right now. It’s just really awesome! I’m super excited!

PK Tyler: Okay – now for part two. Clearly, I needed some help with this part. Self-interviewing is hard! So, I pulled in my PA to help with the questions, and I’m going to try to give you some fun and interesting answers that you won’t find in any other interview!

PA Gnu: You released The Jakkattu Vector into the world last November. Since then, you’ve been working on short stories, and the 2nd full-length novel in the series, The Jakkattu Insurrection. In your ‘spare’ time, you also co-manage the Dominion Rising boxset and decided to write Mind Raider with SM Blooding as your contribution. Can you tell us more about the book you’re writing together?

PK Tyler: Dear Gods don’t ever list out all the projets I’m working out at the same time like that again.  I’m going to have a stress-induced aneurism!  This is what happens when you want to do all.the.things!  I love what I do and I just can’t stand to say no to the awesome projects that pop up!

Mind Raider is a great book that is a part of a super cool series, which is a part of an even more awesome universe.  Frankie and I had talked about doing a co-author project together because we really balance out each other strengths.  Where I can be a little flowery, she’s all about the action.  Where she can get distracted and forget the readers can’t read her mind, I’m super detail oriented.  Together we are a super duo.  So when Dominion Rising started to become a real thing instead of just another crazy idea of mine, we decided to just go for it!

Mind Raider brings you an action-packed ass kicking with a detailed and intriguing world, vivid characters and awesome space adventures.  It’s a book I would totally want to read!

PA Gnu: Lots of authors lead very busy lives, and many also work in the business as publicists, advertising manager, and personal assistants. Tell us what helps you balance work, family life, and writing life? Is it lots of humor, good friends, or do you just run around like an octopus with 9 lives…errrr 8 legs?!

PK Tyler: What do you mean *twitch*twitch*twitch

I’m a crazy person, there’s no doubt about that.  Honestly without Naomi (the singular and Amazing one interviewing me) I’d be lost.  And probably divorced.  I manage it all very badly as I’m not a particularly organized person, but I’m trying!  I promise!  Oh crap, the puppy got the hamster again, off to save a life!

PA Naomi (busted!): Aw shucks – anytime! Now, it’s about to get juicy…what is it like to work with 25 authors on a box set?

We joke in the group that it’s a lot like herding cats, and while it’s true to a certain degree, we’re lucky that the authors in Dominion Rising are consummate professionals and really haven’t been any trouble.  I mean, personalities prickle but there’s been a shocking lack of drama.  If anything I’m the one who’s usually like “Hold me back, bro!”

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Frankie lives in beautiful Montana with her Darling Dork, his two part-time girls, and their cat, Tesla. She enjoys creating with her wonderful husband, doing everything from crochet, to sewing, to art, and, of course, writing. She’s lived a pretty colorful life, giving breath to her stories.

She’s dated vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, weapons smugglers, U.S. Government assassins, and a slingshot terrorist. No. She is not kidding.

She also enjoys going out on paranormal investigations, and when she goes back to Denver, she’ll catch an investigation with her team, Colorado Paranormal Rescue.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and BookBub. Be sure to sign up for her newsletters too!

P.K. Tyler is the author of Speculative Fiction and other Genre Bending novels. She’s also published works as Pavarti K. Tyler and had projects appear on the USA TODAY Bestseller’s List.

“Tyler is essentially the indie scene’s Margaret Atwood; she incorporates sci-fi elements into her novels, which deal with topics such as spirituality, gender, sexuality and power dynamics.” – IndieReader

Pav attended Smith College and graduated with a degree in Theatre. She lived in New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off-Broadway. Later, Pavarti went to work in the finance industry for several international law firms. Now located in Baltimore Maryland, she lives with her husband, two daughters and two terrible dogs. When not penning science fiction books and other speculative fiction novels, she twists her mind by writing horror and erotica.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and be sure to sign up for her newsletters too!

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