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Nilafay spends her time beneath the ocean’s surface either swimming in the depths or in the artificial atmosphere of the Domed City. Despite the rules of her amphibian race, she longs to explore the world above. On the day before her wedding to the Sualwet man of her dreams, Nilafay finally wanders too far and learns just what the others had been warning her about.

  • Every now and then I want to escape into a fantasy world, and Pavarti K. Tyler’s Two Moons of Sera was exactly the sort of read I would choose. With great world building and a wonderful story, Sera came to life and stayed with me for long after the book was closed. The only thing missing was Sera’s mother’s story: how did Nilafay come to the island, and just why did she not contact her own family and kind?

    In this novella, Tyler expands on the world and story of Nilafay: bringing us her story and explaining just why she is always so concerned for Sera. From her early flirtations with the dangers outside the Domed City, and her joy in floating in the sun to the scandal and terror when she is kidnapped and experimented on by a race determined to rule over and discover the secrets the Sualwet keep, this was a non-stop ride.

    Tyler’s ability to create descriptive language that brings readers into the world is some of the best I have read: you understand the character through their place and surroundings in ways that are unexpected and wholly unique. Answering questions about the Sualwet and the conflict while whetting the appetite for more, this short story is a wonderful addition to the Two Moons of Sera world.

    I purchased a copy of the title for my own personal library. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


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