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From USA Today Best-Selling Author Pavarti K. Tyler and Speculative Fiction Author Jessica West, comes a Dark Urban Fantasy novel about evil, and the next step in its evolution.

A Sin Eater who battles demons for souls
A Priest who must protect what he most desires, even from himself,
A rogue Romani mortician with an attitude, a secret, and a powerful weapon,
And a Secret Order of the Church who knows more than they’re saying…

Nikolai Grekh is the last Sin Eater.

Born into a world rampant with demon possession, Nik struggles to keep Hell’s hordes from consuming the world, but he grows weary of the constant battle against sin. Evil grows stronger as more souls are lost. With each new possession growing increasingly violent, Nik fears he may be losing the war.

When Nik confronts a demon he can barely defeat, he reaches out to the only man who can save him. The only man he trusts. The one man he can never have…

Evil has resided alongside humanity since the beginning of time, feeding on our weaknesses, our vices. Our sins. It hungers for our souls, its demonic offspring possessing humans, corrupting, manipulating, using us as unwitting pawns in a supernatural chess match for the ultimate price: life.

The Crucifixion of Christ saved humanity once. What will it take to save us this time?

  • I don’t even know where to begin. This book is amazing. I have read this book many, many, times. P.K. Tyler and Jessica West completely out done themselves with this book. If you like Constantine then you will love this book. It is super hard to put down because you just have to know what happens next.
    This book is so hard to review because I really hate spoilers and I just want to write down everything about this book. I’ve been going over the reviews I left for the individual episodes and there was a recurring themes, a lot of what the **** did I just read, a lot of leaky eye moments, lots of hope in some seriously dark spots, and a lot of dang I think I’m a not more twisted than I gave myself credit for. You easily find yourself sucked into the story. You find yourself rooting out loud for the characters and cussing the authors for beating the h*’ll out of your feels. And it makes it easy for your brain to go “what if?”. These two fabulous ladies have amazing writing skills. The details and descriptions make it so easy for your brain to play it all out. And this is not a book where you go, “oh I know what’s going to happen next”. There are times you wish it did because some of the next is heart wrenching and terrifying.
    I’ve been a huge fan of Constantine since I was a teenager. I’ve hunted demons and everything supernatural with the Winchester’s 12 seasons. I’ve always been fascinated, much to the dismay of some if those I consider dear, in the dark sides of religions. Even with all of that, nothing could have prepared me for this book.
    And now I’m going to stop because like I said I hate spoilers. And I’m getting super itchy wanting to tell y’all this story.

    Amber Tinsley

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