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Cyborgs. Part-robot. Part-human. Even now, with our pacemakers, our holographic eyewear, our cybernetic limbs, it is difficult to deny that we are approaching an age when the line between humankind and machine is beginning to blur.

In the age of the ‘post-human’ being, in a world when your humanity can be measured by the number of electro-mechanical components that have replaced your biological limbs, what will be the measure of a man?

In ‘The Cyborg Chronicles’, twelve of today’s top speculative fiction writers explore the approaching collision of humanity and technology.

  • “Avendui 5ive” by P.K. Tyler shows us a community of orphans, all raised and enhanced with bio-mechanics to serve a specific purpose. But what happens when one of the Teks is unable to fulfill that duty? Part love story, part dystopian nightmare, I loved this tale and really hope to read more set in this universe.

    Shay VanZwoll

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