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The Syntax of Consciousness

The Syntax of Consciousness

With one small implanted device, you will experience complete sensory integration with all the information available on the global net. Say goodbye to VI Fees and holo-displays. It is now all available in the blink of an eye. Enter the next lottery wave to receive your free InGen Corp Jiminy Implant. “Jiminy: The little voice in the back of your head.”

Praise for The Syntax of Consciousness:

You have mastered your craft. You have brought me into the twilight zone and shown a disturbing future. I only hope you are not truly prophetic! 
I just finished reading "The Syntax of Consciousness" and wanted to write and tell you how much I loved it.
The story was great! As many short stories tend to do, I was left wanting more and to know what happened next, but that is a testament to it being a good story. The way the author wrote it was neat, switching between different points of view in the way that she did. If you're at all interested in sci-fi/artificial intelligence, read this story!

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