Today is the day that an idea which took root in my mind three years ago comes to life. What if humans aren’t the good guys? I’ve spent my life reading, and loving, science fiction.  Most of the time humans are on the side of good, and on the rare occasion we aren’t (see Ender’s Game) our position is written as justifiable because humans simply must survive.  But what if human survival is in itself the problem?

From that idea came a character, Sabaal.  An alien prisoner, born into a world where her people are slaves to their human overlords.  She is a prisoner, a genetic anomaly, valued only for what she can provide for the biological legacy of her captors. As I wrote, humanity morphed from being simply the bad guys to being as complex and multi-faceted as we are in the world today: Pure Blood Humans, Alien-Hybrid Humans, and Feral.  And all of them are defined by their genetics and usefulness to another alien species, the Mezna.

Don’t expect to learn to much about the Mezna in The Jakkattu Vector, that’s coming in book two. But what I present is a look at what makes us human. Is it genetics?  Is it freedom?  Or is it something else more difficult to define but so important to our species’ survival?  From the point of view of Sabaal, an outsider with an inherent dislike and distrust of humanity, perhaps we can find what’s good about ourselves even against impossible odds.

Join me in the adventure and pick up The Jakkattu Vector. It’s only $0.99 on 11/28 only then price will go up and I doubt my publisher will bring it down again for quite some time.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.

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